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      Product Name:Aluminum wafer

      Updated:2019-12-3 12:00:05

      Product details

      Introduction to aluminum wafer

      Aluminum wafer is also ubiquitous in our life, such as the shells of various household appliances in our life, as well as various electronic products and automobile products. The weight and strength of aluminum strip are not high. Although the strength of pure aluminum is not high, it can be doubled by cold working. Moreover, the strength of aluminum strip can be comparable to that of high-quality alloy steel by adding alloy elements and further strengthening by heat treatment. Aluminum is easy to process and can be cast by any casting method. Aluminum has good plasticity. It can be rolled into thin plates and foils, drawn into tubes and filaments, and processed with various machine tools. The aluminum round piece is usually packed by the way of the well frame. Most of the well frame is made of wood, and the upper and lower parts are made of two battens. For the height of the lower battens, it can meet the operation requirements of the forklift.

      In fact, most of the aluminum products we see are made of aluminum wafer after secondary processing. Its quality is light and not easy to be corroded, so it is widely used in aviation, automobile, ship and other transportation manufacturing industries. It has excellent conductive ability. Its conductivity is weaker than that of gold, silver and copper, but its reserve is large and its density is small. In addition, the oxide film on the surface of aluminum not only has the ability of corrosion resistance, but also has a certain degree of insulation, so aluminum wafer metal has a very common use in the electrical manufacturing industry, wire and cable and radio industry. In recent years, with the development of economy, all kinds of high-tech industries are also making rapid progress. Many alloy plate and strip products, led by aluminum disc, are gradually applied to all walks of life, greatly promoting the growth of industry and economic development.

      Advantages of aluminum wafer

      1. The specification of aluminum wafer is complete, except for the conventional size, the thinnest 0.5mm and thickest 6.5mm aluminum wafer can be provided;

      2. The surface performance of the aluminum disc is good, and there is no obvious scratch, oil stain, oxidation, black spot, etc;

      3. When the thickness of aluminum disc is more than 1.0mm, ensure that the edge of the finished product is neat and free of burrs;

      4. The good control of the coil grain size and elongation in the early stage ensures the excellent deep drawing and spinning performance of the aluminum disc, and effectively avoids the bad phenomena such as wire drawing pattern, ruffle edge and high ear making rate that may occur in the later stage of processing;

      5. Strictly control and test the alloy, state and performance of the coil to ensure the accuracy and diversity of the provided aluminum disc;

      6. The introduction of advanced and efficient production equipment improves the production efficiency of wafer and the utilization rate of materials, effectively shortens the production cycle, and provides customers with real-time and convenient services;

      7. The classification of aluminum wafer is detailed, and the exact category can be selected according to the different purposes and requirements of customers;

      8. The products meet RoHS and reach environmental protection standards;

      9. The product packaging shall be firm and meet the domestic sales and international export standards.

      We introduce advanced aluminum wafer production equipment, effectively improve production efficiency and material utilization, shorten the delivery cycle. Our company strengthened the control of coil grain size and elongation in the early stage, and introduced cold-rolled and hot-rolled aluminum discs respectively, covering 1, 3, 5 and 8 series alloys. The product range is complete, the thickness is 0.7-6.0mm, the diameter is 200-1200mm, and the tolerance meets the requirements of the national standard.

      Characteristics of series 1 aluminum wafer:

      1. The aluminum content of the aluminum wafer is above 99%, which has excellent formability.

      The reflectivity of 2,1 series aluminum wafer is higher than that of other alloy series.

      3. It has stable performance and can be anodized on the surface. The process is alcohol mature.

      Application range of series 1 aluminum wafer:

      1. Ordinary cooking utensils aluminum wafer: it is our common cooking utensils aluminum wafer (depth < 400mm). Later common processing technologies include: grinding, sandblasting, hard processing, etc.; household pot cover, aluminum disc pot for kitchenware, etc.

      2. Aluminum disc for lamps: aluminum disc for centralized stamping of lampshade, which is used for downlight, laminate lamp and street lamp.

      3. Sign plate aluminum disc: traffic sign, curtain wall, and aluminum ceiling, etc.

      3 series aluminum wafer characteristics:

      1,3 series aluminum circles have stable and excellent formability.

      2. It has high elongation and is widely used in deep drawing process.

      3. The high grain size indicates clean luster and high reflectivity of aluminum wafer.

      3 series aluminum wafer range of use:

      1. Advanced cooking utensils (aluminum disc of kitchen utensils): high time requirement, extremely high hardness requirement, stable cutting performance. Post treatment process: anodizing process, enamel process, painting, spraying, deep drawing; at present, it is mainly applied in non stick pot, high pressure pot, and other kitchen utensils.

      2. Lamp accessories (aluminum disc of lamp): aluminum disc used for lamp shade body, lamp shade used for downlighting, laminated lamp, street lamp and other common lamp uses.

      3. Indication signs and building materials: aluminum disc for traffic road signs, curtain wall panels, and aluminum disc for ceiling materials.

      5 series aluminum wafer characteristics:

      1. The material density is low and the weight of the finished product is small.

      2. High tensile strength and elongation, high fatigue strength, due to the same type.

      3. Higher grain size, better surface effect of aluminum wafer.

      5 series aluminum wafer range of use:

      1. Advanced cooking utensils and kitchenware: it can be used for anodizing, enamel, spraying, deep drawing and other processes. There are a variety of common pot products, non stick pot, cooking pot and so on.

      2. Pressure vessel: pressure cooker, deep drawing cooker, etc.

      8 series aluminum wafer characteristics:

      1. Excellent anodizing effect.

      2. Stable performance, indicating high quality.

      8 series aluminum wafer range of use:

      1. Advanced cooker: it can be made into Pearl anodized cooker.

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